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What is 4g home broadband and how does it work

What is 4g Broadband

For those who want some flexibility in their contract, live in a rural area with no fibre cables, 4g home broadband could be an excellent option. 4g broadband is just like the broadband provided to most homes. You still get a steady internet connection, can connect all of your devices, however, rather than running through cables, 4g broadband works just like a more powerful version of 4g on your phone.

Benefits of 4g Broadband

This means you don't need a phone line, you don't need to pay set-up fees or line rental, and the best part... you can take it with you, use it when working away, take it with you if need broadband on the go or even take it on holiday. You don't get that kind of thing with normal broadband. Another potential advantage of 4G is clearer voice calls, as 4G can carry more data.

About 4gRural.co.uk

Having over 30 years commercial experience in this field we found two major problems with the broadband being provided in rural areas. The first problem was the fact that for many people the existing broadband being provided is very slow and unreliable, the second problem is that quality broadband is unavailable to many rural dwellings which include park homes, rented properties, narrow boats to name a few. We have the answer, it is affordable, and we are ready and waiting to install it for you.

Our mission

To get affordable quality broadband to everybody in rural areas. We are a local company that want to get Broadband to anybody that wants it. Why wait for a phone line installed, why have a phone line at all? Just email us at info@4gRural.co.uk or call us on 01789 335535 and tell us what your requirements are. We will arrange to come to your home or business and carry out a free survey to see how well 4g broadband can work for you.

What else do 4gRural.co.uk provide?

We also provide security cameras for commercial and domestic properties. We always use IP cameras. Wifi lighting is another service we provide, if you want lighting that you can manage everything from colour to making your lights sync with music we can help. You can have many extras with fast broadband

You can have many extras with fast broadband

We install Digital TV arials and provide Android media boxes configured to your specification to provide extra channels for a better viewing experience.We have many years experience in all IT solutions from server builds to hosting to web developement but are currently focussed on providing broadband in rural areas.

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